The spiritual power of astrology in education

We get education to succeed in life. Besides, to make a headway in a chosen career is simply not possible without good education. In brief, good education qualifies you for different types of jobs and facilitates your promotion, as well as lucrative career growth.

Astrology in education is not a new phenomenon. Both are correlated in the sense that a person can make a significant progress in his/her chosen academic pursuit if they follow astrological guidance given in this regard.To say otherwise, for your education to be a means of your rewarding career growth, it is must that you should follow a piece of astrological guidance.

How come education being related to astrology?

On practical ground, education is not dependent on astrological logic. It depends on your perseverance or how much you are passionate about achieving your academic excellence. Therefore, it’s all about how you strategize your academic responsibilities and follow a certain course of action so that success comes in your academic life.

However, there are countless examples that prove that a particular student,who had worked his fingers to the bone in order to achieve academic excellence, failed miserably in the end. Moreover, most people couldn’t even choose best course that would spell a career-rewarding opportunity later. Meaning to say – there are certain unspeakable and unseen factors causing you suffer an academic fiasco. This is where astrology in education comes in picture – to help you choose best education route leading you to a prosperous career.

How does astrology help in your education?

The planetary role has its astrological repercussions in the life of students. If, for example, there is unfavourable cyclic transit of a specific planet responsible for determining the direction of your education in your kundali, there is fair chance that success in your education will not happen.

Here, astrology helps you identify those factors that may cause you to suffer failure in your chosen learning field.

There are total of nine planets used for astrological analysis for education astrology. Each planet represents certain characteristic trait with regard to your education. For example, Jupiter, which is known as the most benefic planet, represents Karaka for education and knowledge, according to Vedic astrology. Position of this planet in trikona direction can symbolise good results in education if the Jupiter is associated with the 5th House.

What are the key benefits of astrology in education?

The key benefits of astrology in education are:

• Detailed guidance of planetary position in horoscope and its relative impacts on your education.

• It helps you know how to determine the field of your education based on the position of ascendant in particular House of your horoscope. For example, the 2nd house determines your ability of expression and reach for primary education, whereas 5thHouse represents better results in your academic pursuit.

• Astrology allows you have a deeper understanding of prominence in your academy based on the analysis of several combinations such as Buddhaditya Yoga and Saraswati Yoga that involves Venus, Jupiter and Mercury.

• It is the astrology that tells that Jupiter is the primary karaka for determining how far you would progress in your academic quest.

• Education report contains astrological guidance and details of the planets, their position with relative impact of each on your education. Based on the report, you can plan out your academic activity and achieve positive results to your favour.


Astrology is the most intelligent and productive science that guides you in your education toward a right direction. With the help of astrology in education, solution to choose a right course to define your future successful will be possible to achieve. Fruitful solution, in this regard, is possible from best astrologer in Delhi. Hence, make sure you consult an expert one.


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